12 Gift Knits of Christmas Day 4: The Wet Coast Cowl

December 07, 2016

12 Gift Knits of Christmas Day 4: The Wet Coast Cowl

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Custom Woolen Mills yarn here at Wet Coast Wools. This Alberta-based spinning mill is the manufacturer of our Mulespinner 2-Ply yarn, the roving we sell for needle felting, and of course the Prairie Sea Fusion yarn that we recommend for making Cowichan-style sweaters.

As you may know, we have recently started selling colour kits of the Mulespinner 2-ply yarn.  Although they were originally designed for making socks, we thought these kits would also be great for all kinds of things - hats, cowls, mittens, multi-coloured sweaters - you name it!

With that in mind, Glenda designed the Wet Coast Cowl especially for use with these kits. Use the full, main colour skein for the lace pattern, and the four 28g skeins for the chevron texture pattern. The sample cowl is just long enough to wrap around your neck two times, but there is enough yarn in the kit to make it much longer.

On December 7th and 8th, come into the store to receive 20% off of the 2-ply Mulespun colour kits. The Wet Coast Cowl pattern is free with the purchase of one of these kits.




*Please note that needles are not included in our Gift Knits of Christmas discounts. The deal is limited to two kits per person, per day.

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