12 Gift Knits of Christmas Day 6: Mustard Scarf by Jane Richmond

December 11, 2016

The Mustard Scarf, by Jane Richmond, is a fun to knit lacy scarf that can be styled in lots of different ways. The single button just pops through one of the yarn-overs in the scarf, so you can button it anyway you want - and then change it completely the next time you wear it!

The scarf needs only one skein of yarn, so this is a great excuse to splurge on a more luxurious yarn - the sample shown here is made with Julie Asselin's hand-dyed Nurtured yarn, but you could use almost any worsted or aran weight yarn.  Same goes for the button - this could be the perfect backdrop for that one amazing button in your stash that has yet to find the perfect home!

On December 11th and 12th, you will receive 20% off the yarn - and button - needed to make this scarf.  Please note that needles are not included in the discount, and each customer is limited to two discounted project quantities per day.

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