Who's Eating Kornelius Turkey?!

October 01, 2012

It dawned on me yesterday that Thanksgiving is only one week away - time for a new shop window!

Kornelius Turkey came to visit us from Newcastle, England.  He had heard from Frobisher and Carl that there was an opening for the role of turkey in the October window - I just don't think he realized what we meant when we invited him to stay for dinner! :)

Kornelius and Carl the Robot (and the graduation owl who lives on the bookshelf!) are the creations of my good friend Claudia, who I met while living in the UK.  She's kind of obsessed with making toys - which is good, because she does such an amazing job with it!  If you want to make your own thanksgiving turkey, do a search on Ravelry for Turkey toys (Ravelry members can see my search results here). There are lots of patterns available for both knitting and crochet - many of them are so quick that you could make a whole rafter of turkeys* in time for Thanksgiving Day!

*I bet you didn't know that a group of turkeys is called a rafter!  ;)

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