Its a Knitivity!

December 02, 2012 2 Comments

 A new month means a new window display!  I think I have way too much fun planning these displays - would you believe that I have been working on ideas for this month's display since before we even opened the store?!  I think I may have spent too much time lining up to see the holiday window displays of big department stores over the years - Woodwards and The Bay when I was a kid, and of course the Fenwick's window when I was living in Newcastle.  Oh, and don't forget the fantastically elaborate windows at the Lion Brand Studio in New York City!  How fun would it be to make a whole knitted Christmas Workshop display, complete with moving parts, hand-knit toys, and maybe a crocheted elf or two?  If only I had just a little more knitting time (and maybe , I'm sure I could pull it off!  ;)

Knit Nativity 

For this month's window, I called in a little help from some good friends in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Carol, mother of my good friend Suzanne (both of whom I met through a knitting group - of course!), makes knit Nativity Scenes as a fundraiser for her church.  I had heard about these 'Knitivities' while living in Newcastle, but hadn't ever seen one in person.  Nevertheless, I decided sometime back in like, April, that this would be the perfect thing for any sort of holiday display that I would be setting up in my then 'on paper only' yarn store.  I sent in my order (so to speak!) in August, and about 6 weeks later the magic box of knitting showed up at the store!  I love this Knitivity!  It was very difficult not to show this off right away, except for the fact that I didn't want to spoil the surprise!  A great big thanks to Carol and her sisters for creating the Knitivity for us, and to Suzanne, for helping with the logistics - its just a shame that you won't be able to come see it in situ in person!  :)

The Knitivity isn't the only thing in our window this month, but you're going to have to come down in person to see the rest of the display.  Don't forget your knitting when you come: from now until Dec. 20th, we are offering 'Secret Project' knitting at the store.  Essentially, this is a time (and place!) for you to work on those projects that are intended for people at home, without worrying that said recipient may come home unexpectedly and catch you out mid-project!  This can also be a good way to make yourself finish the seaming and weaving in of ends that are standing between you and a proper finished item.  Bring only those otherwise procrastinated UFOs, and then you'll have no choice but to have yourself a little finishing party!


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Monica (aka monnibo)
Monica (aka monnibo)

January 03, 2013

I think I recognize it as Jean Greenhowe’s patterns. She later released a Donkey due to popular demand.


December 20, 2012

Wow, this is amazing. Love it. Sad that I’m just seeing it now, but I’ll be showing everyone I know who loves to knit.

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