Meet our Instructors!

May 03, 2013

As you probably know, Wet Coast Wools offers a range of knitting, crochet and needle felting classes, ranging from beginner level through to intermediate.  I teach a few of these classes myself, but many more of them are taught by Roxanne, our resident knitwear designer.  We have recently added a third instructor to our crew, who will be teaching our crochet classes.  These lovely ladies are such amazing crafters that I thought I would take a moment to give them a proper introduction.

If you've been by our store in the last few months, you have probably met Roxanne - she works in the shop on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (and the occasional extra day when I need to be out of the shop for a bit!).  Roxanne joined us shortly after we opened, first as an instructor, and later in the store itself. 

Roxanne started knitting in 2005 - her mother taught her the basics, and she's been hooked ever since.  She now designs and knits hats, which she sells on Etsy.  She has recently started selling her patterns as well - you can buy them from us in print or PDF version, or you can buy them on  To learn more about Roxanne, check out her blog,

Our newest instructor is Natalie Gagnon, the creative mind behind NattyPat Crochet.  After learning to crochet in 2005, Natalie quickly became obsessed with creating cute things - so much so, that in 2010 she started her own company as a means of sharing her love of crochet with everyone else.  Through NattyPat Crochet, Natalie has produced instructional videos that cover almost every aspect of crochet and amigurumi making, and has also designed a collection of super cute crochet patterns.  You can see her videos and buy her patterns from her website,



If you're looking for something a little different, take a class with the multi- talented Pearl Chow, instructor of our needle felting classes.  Pearl is an expert knitter and crocheter - you may know her from when she worked and taught at Birkeland Brothers' on Main Street.  Pearl has recently started her own buisness, Pearlknits, in which she is creating a collection of instructional fibre art videos based on her original designs.  Pearl will also be hosting knitting groups, workshops, and classes throughout Vancouver.  We are very excited to have her teach here at Wet Coast Wools, and look forward to working with her on the videos!

Now that you know these lovely ladies a little better, why not sign up for class with one of them!