Mothers' Day gift ideas in the May Window!

May 03, 2013

Mothers' Day is coming up next weekend - and this year I'm determined not to forget!  Hence the theme of this month's window - a whole collection of quick-to-make gift ideas for your mom!

To be perfectly honest, this idea came to me when I realized that it was time for me to knit a few more dishcloths for my kitchen.  Hand-knit dishcloths last for ages - except for when they have a run-in with very my sharp knives!  As I was making these, I realized that hand-knit cloths would make a really great gift - make them from a softer cotton or linen yarn, and they can be used as facecloths instead of dishcloths.  Add a fancy soap or maybe a hand cream, and voilà, instant present!  :)  From the crafters' point of view, dishcloths are a great way both to use up yarn scraps, and to try out new stitches - just grab a stitch dictionary, and cast on enough for a few repeats of the pattern.  Knit till the piece is as big as you want it, and cast off.  If you run short on yarn, just change to a new colour - with no official pattern to follow, there's no such thing as a mistake!

In addition to the dishcloths, we also have socks, fingerless mittens, a crocheted mug cozy, and the very pretty Annis Shawl, which I made from our new Katia Linen yarn (for more info on all of these projects, check out the store's projects page on Ravelry!).  The shawl took just over 300 yards to make, so its a relatively quick knit.  The hardest part was the making the little bobble-like 'nupps', something which I'd heard of as being scary, but really weren't all that difficult!

I think my favourite item in the window is this tea cozy, made from one skein of Noro Kureyon (for the small size, at least).  The pattern is from the Winter '04 issue of, but you can also find it on  The pattern is quick to make, and because it ties around your teapot, it can fit a wide range of teapot styles.  You start this one by knitting a two-layer round base with double pointed needles, and then pick up and knit stitches for each side.  A long piece of i-cord ties it all together, allowing you to conform the cozy to your tea pot.  The fact that this is knit from 100% wool helps with this too - as you use it, the cozy slowly felts itself around the teapot, creating a perfect fit.  If you have any leftover wool, knit a few extra round-base pieces and you'll have matching coasters!

I hope these gift ideas will inspire you to make something fun for your Mom.  And if you're a mom yourself, be sure to make something for yourself as well!  ;)

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