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Knits for Playoff Season!

May 05, 2013

Are you a hockey fan?

I have to admit to being a bit of a band wagoneer these days - I don't watch a lot of regular season games, but once the playoffs start, I watch as many games as I can.  I blame this on Mike - he made me an Ottawa Sens fan when we were living there, and since most Sens games start around 4pm Pacific time, we're never home to see them! It also helped that in Ottawa we could actually afford to go to games regularly, and watching live hockey really is so much more fun than watching on TV!

Now that we're back in Vancouver, it only seems fair to support the Canucks on their run to the cup.*  To that end, Roxanne and I have whipped up a few Canuck-themed items, to help show our support for the boys in blue and green!

This scarf measures about 5 feet long - just long enough to hold it up over your head while cheering, in European football fan style (I'm sure its a trend we can start here if we try hard enough!).  I knit it in the round, with the text running in opposite directions on each side of the scarf.  This made for a little extra work, but I figured a little circular colour work was easier than trying to seam the long side of the scarf!

The hats were made by Roxanne (she is our resident hat genius, after all!).  The blue one was designed for a man, and the white one is her ladies' version - because its important to be stylish while supporting your favourite team! ;)

If you want a more subtle way to support your team, check out the 'Local Sports Team' striped sock yarn by Krista of RainCityKnits.  Her colours are fantastic, and I think her Kelly Green colourway is the closest thing to 'Canuck green' that we have in the whole store.

If you are reading this from outside of Vancouver, any of these patterns can altered to suit your own team - the colours and stripe pattern of the blue hat can easily be altered to match any team Jersey.  If you want to use a shorter team name on the scarf, I suggest adding extra rows of background colour between the stripes and the ends of the text (or at each end of the scarf).  Just ask us for the patterns - they may be a little rough, but we're happy to help you out with them any way we can!

Go Canucks!  And Senators! ;)

*This support may have to be reconsidered in the event that we end up with a Senators vs. Canucks playoff round.  But we'll deal with that when the time comes! ;)