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If you go into the woods today...

June 29, 2013

The knitted creatures who are slowly taking over live in the store have decided to start their summer holidays a little early.  As soon as they woke up this morning, they started putting together a little picnic, and they assure me that it will continue until they decide that they're done.  That's the nice thing about eating crocheted food, I guess - it never runs out or goes off!  They'd better be careful, though - they wouldn't want the ants to show up and run off with all their food!

If you're planning your own picnics this summer, come learn how to make this fantastic chequered picnic rug, designed by NattyPat Crochet.  Natalie will be teaching a class on the rug on Saturday, July 13th, from 1 to 3pm.  The rug uses an intarsia crochet technique which allows you to alternate between two different colors, and not have a zillion ends to weave in when you're finished.  In class, you will make a square about the size of a pot holder or trivet - then its just a matter of increasing the overall number of stitches to make a full-sized picnic rug!



PS: If you want to make the crocheted food as well, we have pattern books for that! ;)