Holiday Countdown Calendar KAL!

July 03, 2013

Remember last November when I posted about wanting to knit an advent calendar some year?  All this hot weather we've been having has convinced me that this is the time I should be knitting the advent calendar!  Because hot weather and winter holiday countdown calendars are such an obvious connection!  Perhaps I should explain a little...

Just the other day I was sitting on my sofa, sweltering away in the heat and thinking about how badly I wanted to be knitting something - except for the fact that most of what I have on the needles right now involves 100% wool in sport weight or thicker, and/or a big project that needs to sit in your lap as you knit it.  So then I thought about how nice it would be to have a project on hand that was teeny weeny - little needles, small finished object, instant gratification (okay, so I do happen to have socks on the go right now, but I'm saving those for my camping-knitting project).  And then I thought (again) about how hot it was, and that its July already so I guess it makes sense that its so hot, and that some people do Christmas in July as a retail theme and that wouldn't that be fun, oh except I already have my store window done for this month, and so maybe I should be thinking about starting some Christmas gifts instead, and oh hey, wouldn't it be cool to start a knitted advent calendar now that we're 6 months away from December... and where's my iPad so I can go look at some pattern ideas? because the fan is aimed at the sofa (not the desk) so using the proper computer is clearly not an option right now.  :)

Anyway, now that you've had a glimpse of my somewhat erratic trains of thought, lets get back to the point of this post.  In case anyone else wants to make an advent calendar as well, I have started an Countdown Calendar KAL discussion thread in our Wet Coast Woolies group on Ravelry.  Choose from any of the many available patterns, and come join in the fun!  We have about 24 weeks between now and Christmas, so we will need to knit at least one a week to have them finished in time (1.25 per week if you want them done before the start of December).  That does seem like a lot, but most of the individual ornaments/gift holders are only a few inches tall so it shouldn't take more than one evening to finish each one (although this will depend on the project you choose).

If you don't celebrate Christmas, you could easily take this idea and suit it to any holiday or event you choose - did you know that there is such a thing as a Halloween Countdown Calendar now?!  I have also seen versions to help children countdown the eight nights of Hanukkah (with each pocket containing a tradition as well as a treat), as well as calendars that countdown to Thanksgiving and Valentines' Day.  Essentially, this is just a more fun way of crossing days off on a calendar - although there is definitely something therapeutic about drawing big black Xs all over a printed calendar...  ;)

I'm going to be making the Advent Garland (pictured here), which was designed by the amazing Frankie Brown on Ravelry.  Its supposed to be knit with 4-ply weight yarn, but I suspect I will just raid my stash for most of the little ornaments.  I suspect I will be hanging this at the store, so I may hold off on making the garland part of the pattern until I decide where I want to display it.  How cute would these look hung on a little tree, for example?  Or you could be super ambitious, and knit a bunch of them as gift tags for presents... sure, that's taking away from the 'countdown calendar' aspect a little, but think of how fun your presents would look!

Whatever kind of calendar you want to make, come and join our knit/crochet-along and we'll help keep each other motivated.  This is just a guess, but I'm pretty sure that Mike isn't going to let me celebrate Christmas two weeks early just because I was too lazy to knit the final 12 ornaments of my calendar!  ;)