Yarn Bowls!

October 04, 2013

Ever have one of those knitting moments where your ball of yarn keeps falling off the table in front of you, rolling onto the floor, and then getting covered all the dust/hair/crumbs (Just one more row to finish before you do the vacuuming! - Don't worry, we understand!)?  I have the perfect solution - a yarn bowl!  Drop your yarn into one of these, run the thread through the little cat-tail cutout bit, and the ball will spin away happily in the bowl while you continue knitting.  And when you're done your project, they make a lovely display piece!
We have just brought in a collection of yarn bowls made by potter Madeleine Coomey, from Port Coquitlam.  She had a booth at the Khatsalano Festival back in July - so you may recognize her bowls from there!  We currently have 12 bowls in stock, beautifully glazed in aqua, green, orange, red, blue, grey, or tea.  They make excellent gifts for your favourite knitters - yourself included! - and I don't think this shipment will last too long!