Wet Coast Wools Episode 28: Meet Pippin!

May 19, 2017

Wet Coast Wools Episode 28: Meet Pippin!

May 18, 2017,
Welcome to Old and New Viewers
Coming to you from Vancouver, BC Canada
Wet Coast Wools

We (Glenda, Bernadette, and Caitlin) bought a sheep! :D
He’s the Merino/Cotswald cross Ram with the white markings on his face and feet (and tail!).
We’ve named him Pippin and we will get regular updates which we can share with you guys
Sometime next year we will get a fleece worth of yarn, which we will have to decide how to have spun (ie: what weight of yarn)

AUA Questions
Dimsumdumpling (Gen from Ontario):
Glenda: What made you decide to open a yarn store?
Bernadette: What type of wheel do you have and can you show us some of your hand spun skeins/projects? Do you use spindles as well and if so, what type do you prefer?

Question from Yvonne/Sock-Demons on Ravelry: wanted to know more about wool washes and wool soap:
We sell Eucalan Wool Wash (ie: a gentle liquid soap), which contains lanolin, the oil/grease that is produced by sheep and naturally occurs in the wool. Other well known options are Soak (also Canadian Made!) and Kookaburra woolwash (I’ve heard of this, but never seen it in Canada). All of these are rinse-free options - you just let your wool garments soak for 30min and the soap will dissolve so you don’t have to rinse it out
No rinsing = 1 less round of handling your knitted garments. Also, less water is necessary for washing.
An alternative to these wool washes are gentle, pH neutral soaps - Clara Parkes uses Ivory dish soap. Baby shampoo is great, or any gentle shampoo with no additives (softeners, highlight enhancers, etc.. Make sure to rinse these out so they don’t cause irritation.
Wool is like hair - the fibres have scales that open up when washing (think of the picture on the shampoo ads). If you damage these scales with harsh soaps, it will affect the lustre and elasticity of the wool. Over time, the sweater won’t look and feel as good or last as long.
There is lots of discussion of pH levels (acidic vs alkaline) and how this does or does not damage the wool scales. Wool fibres are ‘drastically altered’ (ie: the scales open up) at levels below 4 and between 7 and 10 - Both felting and dyeing are done in these ranges.

The pH of wool is 4.9 / neutral water is 7; Eucalan/Soak/Kookaburra are 6-6.5, Woolite is 8, dish soaps range from 6 to 9, ‘neutral’ baby shampoo are at 7
I think it may have as much to do with how you treat the woolens while in these conditions. If you’re killing moths, for example, it is perfectly fine to soak your woolens in water that has just boiled - just don’t agitate it while in the water.

Personally, I prefer rinse-free options because of the lack of agitation (and the lack of work required!). Also, if I won’t wash my hair with it, I probably won’t use it on my hand knit sweaters. That said, I do wash hand knit socks and store-bought merino activewear (MEC, Icebreaker, etc. in the machine on a cold wash & laundry soap that has a pH of 8.5 - they seem to hold up okay.

FOs (Finished Objects)
B: Wearing- MCN Lesley
Home and Away,Cropped Version
MCN Worsted Madtosh, Blue Jay color (exclusive colorway), gift from a friend
~April by Isabell Kraemer
Holst Garn Supersoft in Carmine

~Cozy Memories strip for May
Coziest Memories by Kemper Wray
Worsted and sock yarn doubled, 5mm
~Charity Granny Square Blanket
Trying to get a ball crocheted up a day, Referencing a Bella Coco tutorial on youtube
~Book People by softsweater
Sweet Georgia Cashlux Fine in Mulberry
Went up to a US 6
~TAAT Rainbow Socks
My improved toe up afterthought heel pattern, 60 sts, 2.25
Yarn Over New York sock blanket
Using them for an afterthought heel class I am teaching

~Playoff Socks for Mike. Senators are into the 3rd Round, so these need to be finished!
64 sts with the Blueberry Waffle Socks stitch pattern. Heel flap and gusset. Hat Trick Yarn in Ottawa colours, got this at Knit City 2015. Black yarn is Opal Solids.
I can’t finish them until the final round. Just in case.
~Minty Blanket v2.0
Vintage acrylic/nylon blend yarn. Started crocheting it, but didn’t want to keep doing that one. Switched to knitted blanket instead.
Easy Baby Blanket with Lace Option by Denny Kelly
~Aileas Cardigan by Isabel Kraemer
Using ‘HomeGrown’, which I bought from West Coast Colour at Fibres West
Its marked as a ‘3-ply DK’, but it knits nicely at a worsted tension (17 sts/4”)
The yarn is a blend of Merino, Romney, and CVM

Know Your Wool: California Variegated Mutant
CVM is a form of Romeldale, both of which are unique to the US and they are an endangered breed
Romeldales were created in California in the early 1900’s; A.T. Spencer bought a group of Romney Rams that had been imported from New Zealand for display at the 1915 Pan American Exposition in San Francisco
He bred the Romney rams with his Rambouillet ewes, and then continued to breed them and select for wool and meat properties
The resulting ‘Romeldales’ were refined in the 1940’s and 50’s, with high rates of twinning, maternal ability, and a soft-handling and high production of wool. Romeldales are completely white.
In the 1960’s coloured lambs started to appear - Glen Eidman linebred these sheep for several generations. They became known as the California Variegated Mutant (CVM) breed.
Badger face, light body, dark belly, dark head
The fleeces have a range of colours on the same fleece; the colours darken as the sheep ages (in most breeds, they fade)
Range includes grey, black, brown, and ‘moorit’ (mid-brown)
Except for colour, CVMs and Romeldales are very similar (some say they are the same breed). To be a CVM the sheep needs to have certain key markings on the face, underbelly, legs, chest, and near the tail
High yield fleeces, with 3-6 inch staple length and a well defined crimp
Yarn is very soft and lofty; good for next-to-skin clothing, light duty outerwear, and cuddly items

Craft All The Things
Plaintain Top by Deer and Doe
Made from an old Maxi skirt I never wore
Blue, Grey and Flamingo fabrics from Spool of Thread
Need to tailor the shirts, will show later

Wearing the Belcarra Tee and Tulip Skirt

Store News
NEW YARN; Outlaw Yarn
Isabell Kraemer Deadline upcoming - May 31st
Charity KAL - thread will continue all summer

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Happy Victoria Day Weekend! (May 2 4)