Wet Coast Wools Episode 87: Field Trip!

November 26, 2019

Wet Coast Wools Episode 87: Field Trip!

Episode 87 - Filmed on Wednesday, November 26th, 2019
Field Trip to Glenda’s House because we almost had a Bus Strike!

Glenda - Glenda on Ravelry, glendamcdonald on instagram
Kelsey - fiddlebach and Kzipknits on Instagram and Ravelry
Wet Coast Wools - WetCoastWools on all the things

Finished Objects 00:04:54:14

Glenda is wearing the Vanguard by Annamária Ötvös, knit in Malabrigo Rios in Cirrus Grey.

Kelsey is wearing Cancun Boxy Lace Tee by Erin Kate Archer knit in Hand Maiden Fine Yarn Lady Godiva and Hand Maiden Fine Yarn Silk Maiden, both in the Glacier colourway.

  • Keep Me Warm Vest by Donna Stypczynski, knit in Custom Woolen Mills Mule Spinner 2-ply that I overdyed. I opted to leave out the cables from the original pattern and do a stripey texture instead. It’s the 2-3 years old size.

  • Toque #1 with a PomPom, knit in Katia Polar in Light Pink, colour 88. This is for my youngest niece for Christmas!

  • Toque # 2 - Basic toque construction, I did not use a pattern. Knit in Katia Inca, colour 101

  • Toque #3 - Basic toque construction, just cast on more stitches for a bigger head! Knit in Katia Inca, both colours 117 and 101.

  • Toque #4 for Warm Hands Network - knit in Cascade Eco Peruvian Tones, dark sapphire, held double.

  • Moose Cap by Christine LeGrow, from Saltwater Classics. Knit in Briggs & Little Regal, colourways Midnight and Fundy Fog.

  • Leggings - Knit in Euro Yarns Tenderfoot in Carbon Grey.

Works in Progress 00:39:12:05


My other projects have been put on hold so I can do the charity knitting. I want to finish 10 things total, so I will need to finish this vest, and then 3 more things by Saturday.


  • Socks for Chris, knit in Timber Yarns Twin Sock in The Intelligent Eagle colourway. This was from a batch of seconds, so the warmer toned brown is usually a golden yellow in this colourway.

  • Child’s Toque, knit in leftovers of Custom Woolen Mills Prairie Sea Fusion

Sweater Segment 00:50:30:08
This is a regular feature - talking about sweater construction, alterations, etc. Ask us questions and we will talk about it on the podcast.

Today’s question comes from LeonaDeOliveira on Ravelry:

I knit The Weekender earlier this year and I’m not wearing it much because it has more positive ease than I’m comfortable with. I think since it was such a fun knit and I love my yarn so much that I will frog the whole thing and knit it over again. Here’s my question: I knit the XL size originally (46” chest) and it has about 8” more ease than I’d like. So do I just knit the Medium size for a 38” chest? That is smaller than my usual sizing but I think it should work because of all the positive ease built into the pattern. Am I on the right track? Thanks.

Glenda: Short answer is YES, you are on the right track. it’s too bad that you had to knit the whole sweater to find out that there is too much ease, but sometimes it is hard to understand how a sweater will fit until after it has been finished and worn (this is why it can seem easier to buy a sweater than to make one!). Take this as a learning opportunity, and make some notes and take a few measurements before frogging the sweater.

First of all, look at the finished size of the sweater vs. the finished size stated in the pattern. Did your sweater end up the size it was supposed to? If not, your gauge is probably different. Think of this as a giant gauge swatch, and measure your gauge in several places over the sweater - front, back, etc. - to find the average. If you knit the same sweater again with the same size needles, you should get this same gauge, so use that to help decide what size you want to make. I forgot to say this in the podcast, but don’t forget to reskein and then wash your yarn before re-knitting it! Otherwise you might get an uneven finished fabric

To pick a new size, you need to decide how much ease you want. Find the full body stitch count of the size of sweater you are aiming for, and divide that number by your own gauge per 1” - this will tell you if you are going to get the exact size, or if you need to play around with sizes. If you are way off, take your desired body measurement, and multiply that by your 1” stitch gauge, then find a pattern size that has the closest number of stitches to that number.

The only thing to think about when making a smaller size is that other parts of the sweater may fit differently as well. Look at the schematics to make sure that the arm hole will be deep enough for you, and that the neck will be the right size (although this neckline is large, so that might not be a problem!).

Store News 01:12:12:07

WCW Knit & Crochet Bingo!
All the details about our #wcwbingoalong are available in our Ravelry group, the Wet Coast Woolies.

Warm Hands Knit-In - November 30th

Join us on Saturday, November 30th from 9am to 9pm for a Charity Knit-In in support of the Warm Hands Network

Projects must be made of yarn comprised of 75% wool or other animal fibres

Try to make bigger kid sizes, if you can so that items can be layered for warmth! No sizes smaller than 12 months and no scarves please!

Please remember to label your items with size, fibre content and care instructions (hand wash and lie flat is totally acceptable!)

If you drop off 3 items by November 30, you will receive a discount code for your next purchase at the store (to be used by Christmas).

Victoria from the Oakridge Mall Starbucks will be donating coffee for us in the morning. Also, see our Charity Knit-In Ravelry Thread for a coupon code to get a free copy of the Night Light Mitts pattern, courtesy of K-Rae of the Relentless Knitting Company.

We will also be doing Free Shipping on Cyber Monday this year!