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Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 101: Security Caught Some Intruders!

July 14, 2020

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 101: Security Caught Some Intruders!

Filmed on July 14th, 2020

Welcome to all our new and returning viewers! We are coming to you via Zoom, from Vancouver - Visit us online at www.wetcoastwools.com!

We are WetCoastWools on all the things.
Kelsey is fiddlebach and Kzipknits on both Instagram and Ravelry.
Trish is Orkilatrish on both Instagram and Ravelry

Finished Objects

Trish is wearing: Melanie Berg’s Midnight in Berlin in Caravan Crave


  • Flying North Socks by Maria Montzka Knit in Dye for Ewe self-striping sock yarn, colourway “Truly Outrageous”
  • Slippers for Everybody by Mary Mouzar knit in Isaac Mizrahi Craft Sutton (discontinued) , colourway “Amsterdam”

Works in Progress


  • Wink by Hanna Marciejewska in hand dyed Oregonian Targhee from Port Townsend WA.
  • 2018-2019 Temperature Blanket in Berroco Vintage celebrating my first year as a Canadian.
  • Peace de Resistance by Bristol Ivy in Regia sock yarn and undyed knitpicks stroll fingering.
  • Various yarn bombing pieces for the neighborhood and my friend Donna's bike. 


  • Autumnal Socks by Snickerdoodles Knits, this is a test knit that is part of a collection that will be released in the fall. Knit in Timber Yarns, “Log Cabin” colourway.
  • Pusetopp by Siri Hoftun knit in Viking Garn, Aurora in colour 635
  • Santa’s Ho-Ho-Hat by Jacquelynn Vance-Kuss, knit in Custom Woolen Mills 2 ply, Red and Natural.
  • Calatopp 2.0, by Tirill Ilebekk, knt in Holst Garn Coast in Spearmint and Powder held double.

Store News:

Our storefront is open again! We have implemented some new guidelines, which I will be posting on our website. Here are the essentials:

  • Please do not come in if you are sick, even if you do not have Covid. If any of us get sick with anything, we cannot come to work. Please respect our health by not coming in if you are feeling at all unwell.
  • Only 2 people in the shop at one time. As you come in, please check with staff to see if you can come in - or just take a quick look to see if there are other people already there.
  • Please don’t linger if there are other people waiting. You can ‘pre-shop’ on the website to get an idea of what you might be interested in - that way you can be more efficient on the busier shopping days.
  • We are only having 1 staff member at a time, so please be respectful of their time. They can’t offer hands-on help (we cannot touch your yarn or needles) but we can give advice, time permitting. If you need detailed help, please email us
  • Please use hand sanitizer when you come in, and only touch things you might buy.
  • From 11am to Noon on weekdays, we are open only to Seniors and those with Health Concerns

Our online shop is still open for store pick ups; we have shifted our ‘Free Shipping’ minimum to $75 now that the store has reopened. If you want to pick up your order, we will email you when it is ready. Please come between Noon and 5:30pm on weekdays, and by 4:30pm on weekends.


Wet Coast Wools Bingo-a-Long 2020!
Could the June Winner please contact us to arrange collection of your prize!


This month is July, which is Finish a Winter Item in July Month!

The item can be a decoration or holiday themed item for any December/early January holiday (not Halloween) It can also be a gift for someone, provided you are gifting it for that holiday. December Birthdays don’t count! You have to finish the item in July, but you can have started it whenever (so get started now!)

If you are doing multiple bingo boards, you need to finish all your winter items in July!

Rules for Bingo

  • You must declare your two challenges by January 31st
  • You must create 24 unique projects, no double dipping You must have Ravelry project pages for all your projects
  • You need to be a member of the Wet Coast Woolies Group in order to qualify for a prize.
  • Your challenges cannot be the same as things that are already on the board, unless you plan to do two of those things. Someone is making three Christmas stockings, for example; one is for the ‘winter holiday’ item, the other 2 are for the challenge square.
  • You can keep moving around your FOs until you declare a completed row. Once you claim a row, those items have to stay in their assigned squares!
  • In Episodes 89, 90, and 91, we gave some notes on special squares.

There are also a lot of questions (and answers!) in the Bingo 2020 registration thread, and the January/February Chatter Thread.

Ask us if you are unsure about anything - be sure to tag us so that we don’t miss your question.


WCW Virtual Knit Groups

These are being held on Monday Nights from 7:00pm to around 8:00pm, and on Thursday Mornings from 11:30am to about 1:30pm. Look for the Zoom meeting links in our ravelry group. Everyone is welcome to join!

K-Zip Knits is doing a Fall Sock Box collaboration with Puzzle Tree Yarns
Visit https://www.kzipknits.com/boxes-kits/... for more info!

The Wet Coast Wools Store anniversary is coming up!

Mark your calendars to get your hands on the limited edition yarn, available beginning August 1st.