Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 105: We Can't Answer the Phone Right Now...

October 20, 2020

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 105: We Can't Answer the Phone Right Now...

Welcome to all our new and returning viewers! We are coming to you via Zoom, from Wet Coast Wools and Vancouver!

Visit us online at www.wetcoastwools.com!

We are WetCoastWools on all the things.

Glenda is glendamcdonald on Instagram, and Glenda on Ravelry

Kelsey is fiddlebach and Kzipknits on both instagram and Ravelry

Time Stamps:
FOs: 00:12:28:20
WIPS: 00:23:11:18
Sweater Segment: 00:50:59:16
Store News: 01:06:08:11

Finished Objects

Glenda is wearing: Fox Sweater! Based on Revejakken 1701-05, by Sandnes Garn. Knit in Holst Garn Supersoft in Sloe, Parma, Clementine, Glacier, Bleached White, and Holst Garn Coast in Aconite.

Kelsey is wearing Mount Pleasant by Pip & Pin, knit in Holst Garn Supersoft in Pussy Willow

Works in Progress



  • Bournemouth Cardigan by Amy Christoffers, knit in Kelbourne Woolens Lucky Tweed in Ocean.

  • Ginevra Tee 2.0, by Fabel knitwear, knit in Katia Supreme Merino, colour Beige (84).

  • Autumble socks test knit by Garlene of the Kitchen Sink Shop, knit in Dye for Ewe “Sweet Tarts” colourway. Tentative release date is next week!

Sweater Segment (Kind of!):
What to do if you run out of yarn part way through a project?!

We have been getting a lot of calls from people who have run out of yarn part way through their project, and are looking for that one last missing skein. Here are some tips to help you if you find yourself in this position…

First off, don’t let this happen (easier said than done, right?!)

Consider buying one extra skein, just in case. Most yarn shops will let you bring any unused yarn back for store credit, but make sure to ask about their return policies when you buy the yarn, so you know their time limits etc. If the yarn is on sale / being cleared out, always buy more than you think you’ll need.

Make sure your gauge matches the pattern. If your gauge doesn’t match, you will use a different amount of yarn than what is specified. This happens to me very often! ;)

If you bought the yarn for one thing, and are now knitting a different project, don’t just assume that you will be able to get more of the yarn. Check before you cast on, especially if you haven’t bought the yarn recently.

Keep your yarn tags so that you will be able to get more of the yarn - we record your sales in our system, but not every shop will do this. We can often figure out what “that green yarn at the back of the shop that had the sweater sample” is, but not always.

If you do run out of yarn…

If you have your yarn labels, you can call around to different shops or search online to find more. Depending on the yarn, you may not be able to match dyelots.

In many cases, you can alternate skeins (ie: stripe the two dyelots) to blend two dyelots together. You may need to pull back parts of your knitting to do this, especially if you’ve knit up every last inch while trying to play yarn chicken!

If you can’t get the same dyelot, consider adding a contrast colour to the project. Do the sleeves need to be the same colour? Could you make long contrast cuffs? Could you add a few stripes to the sleeve (ie: stripes on one sleeve of a varsity sweater)?

Check on Ravelry to see if you can find someone willing to sell their yarn. This is one of the lesser-known benefits of Ravelry:

  • Look up the yarn in the Yarn Database. Go to “Stash”, and search for the colour name.
  • Look for the listings marked as “Will Trade or Sell” and then send the person a private message to see if they’ll sell their yarn. You may have to pay for shipping, but it’s probably worth it to finish your sweater, especially if you can get the exact dyelot! :D

Store News:

Our storefront is open again! Please wear a mask when you come to the shop! Please visit our website for details of our Covid-19 Guidelines

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Trick or Treat Yarn
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