Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 109: 2021 Bingo-A-Long!

January 05, 2021

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 109: 2021 Bingo-A-Long!

Filmed on January 5th, 2021

Welcome to all our new and returning viewers! We are coming to you via Zoom, from Vancouver and Surrey!

Visit us online at www.wetcoastwools.com! We are WetCoastWools on all the things.
Glenda is glendamcdonald on Instagram, and Glenda on Ravelry
Kelsey is fiddlebach and Kzipknits on both Instagram and Ravelry

Time Stamps:
FOs: 00:07:26:29
WIPS: 00:30:53:27
WCW Bingo-A-Long News!: 00:46:47:01
Store News: 01:14:47:08

Finished Objects

Glenda is wearing: Sheboygan by Katie Schumm, knit in Briggs & Little Atlantic in Seafoam

Kelsey is wearing Soldotna Crop, knit in K-Zip Knits Dunbar DK

  • Easy Eyelet Yoke Dress by Knitatude, knit in Sweet Fibre’s advent calendar yarn held double with a Falkland Merino Fingering

  • Tablet/Card Woven Band, woven in Brassard 2/8 Cotton

  • Socks for Chris, knit in Regia, but I lost the label so can’t remember which Regia….

Works in Progress


  • Southwood by Galt House of Yarn, knit in worsted wool leftovers from my stash


  • Scavenger Mittens, designed by Kelsey, knit in K-Zip Knits Fingering weight. Have had some software snafoos so testing has been delayed to begin next week. Expect pattern release early in February!

  • Rain Calling Pullover by Teti Lutsak, knit in the advent colours I didn’t use in my dress, and Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk Solje in Naturgrå

  • Ribbed Toque, no pattern, knit in Illimani Santi in Storm

WCW Bingo-A-Long 2020

We have a December Winner!

We have another winner chosen from everyone who completed a full Bingo board!

Could the winners please contact us to claim their prizes!

BINGO 2021:

To join in this year’s Bingo, download the Knit and/or Crochet Bingo Boards from our website here: (https://wetcoastwools.com/pages/2021-wcw-bingo-a-long)

For the two “Choose Your Own Challenge” squares, you need to pick personal challenges that you want to accomplish this year. One must be the same craft as the board you are doing (ie: knitting or crochet), the other can be a different fibre art - spinning, weaving, tatting, etc.
Tell us what they are in the ‘Sign up for Bingo 2021 Thread’ (coming soon!) before the end of January 2021.

You must make 1 item for each square; 1 project cannot count in two different squares even if it could meet both requirements. You do not need to assign the project to a square until you claim a bingo row - once it is claimed, you cannot re-assign that project!

Here is a list of this year’s squares (in random order):

  • Use 1500m of yarn in one Project

  • Finish a Winter Holiday Item in July. Winter holidays are those that fall in December or early January. Thanksgiving doesn’t count.

  • Make an item for Charity

  • Make an Item for the Home (cushions, blankets, tea cozies, etc)

  • Make something with a pattern you already own

  • Use a plant fibre yarn - this needs to be 100% plant fibre, although it can be a blend, ie: cotton/linen, cotton/bamboo, etc. No synthetic (nylon, acrylic, polyamide, etc), although rayonised materials count (tencel, rayon, lyocell, viscose).

  • New-to-you Colourwork - This can be stranded colourwork, intarsia, or slipped stitch colourwork. If you’ve already tried all of them, choose a colourwork stitch you haven’t done before (there are lots!)

  • Double Knitting Technique - this is the one that makes a two-sided fabric; often they include a design that is shown on both sides but in inverse colours. The crochet replacement for this is a motif-based project, like a Granny Square blanket or shawl. There are toys made with motifs as well.

  • Make a project using leftover yarn from at least 2 projects (and only leftover yarn!)

  • Literary Inspired Project - something relating to a book (character, event in the book, etc.)

  • Modify a pattern (add/remove texture, stripes, etc). Provide details of the original pattern and the changes you have made

  • Make a pair of mittens

  • Knit a top-down Toque (check out Kate Atherley’s book Custom Hats for inspiration); For crochet, this will be brim-upwards since most crochet hats are already top-down

  • Something Geometric. Could be a 3D item like a cube, or a spherical Christmas bauble, or you could use geometric shapes in a colourwork pattern.

  • Finish a WIP that is over 1 year old (or your oldest FO if you actually complete things!)

  • Use yarn from Deep Stash - tell us when you got the yarn

  • Knit/Crochet and felt an object

  • Make a seamed project (ie: knit/crochet it flat and sew it together)

  • Use a non-machine wash wool or other animal fibre. This is your chance to try out a properly rustic wool

  • Make a project that uses short rows as a major design element - shawls, star ornaments, hats, mitts, etc. The short rows in sweaters don’t count for this one, sorry!

  • ____ made me do it! (we took this one from the Cady Jax Podcast - thanks for the inspiration!)

  • Do a project entirely in Magic Loop, and please include an in-progress photo in your project page. The sleeves of a sweater will count for this one. For crochet, do a Tunisian crochet project instead

If you have questions or need further clarification, please ask us in this thread, or in the January Bingo chatter thread. Tag Kelsey or Glenda so we don’t’ miss your questions.

Store News:

Check out Kelsey’s new podcast, High in Fibre, where she interviews designers, dyers and other fibre enthusiasts! :)
Kelsey also will have a new test knit coming up at the end of the year, please send her a message or sign up on her ravelry page to join her testing list!

Our shop is open for in-store shopping. We have new hours for January - see our website for full details. Please note that we are closed on Tuesdays for the month of January.

WCW Virtual Knit Groups
These are being held on Monday Nights from 7:00pm to around 8:00pm, and on Thursday Mornings from 11:30am to about 1:30pm. Look for the Zoom meeting links in our ravelry group. Everyone is welcome to join!