Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 11: Fictional Characters and Early Morning Waffle

September 25, 2016

September 22, 2016,
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Glenda and B aka ec0g33k

Question in the episode 9 thread about knitting without looking. (there is also a comment somewhere about how Glenda knits - she’s not a continental knitter)

What 3 fictional characters would you be?
Glenda is: Bubbles (Powerpuff girls), Sailor Moon and Glinda
B: Lumpy space princess, Hermoine, Wanda (possibly substitute hermoine for Sailor Mercury)

FOs (Finished Objects)
~Number 2 pencil socks by Yarn Enabler
Trying a fleegle heel
1x1 ribbed hats, glenda gets most of the credit for the autumn one
~Quick Mitts by Jane Richmond
Can we tell i’m trying to alleviate panic about xmas
~Coquelicot by Hel et Zelmeans “poppy”)
For my friend’s daughter; making a size 8
RYC Cashsoft DK (long since discontinued); Last time I used it, it stretched badly, so I’m knitting it on a 3.5mm to make a tighter fabric (and get gauge)
Already gave it to Roma because they went to Italy on Tuesday; here’s a photo of the finished sweater, and Roma’s drawing of her wearing the sweater
~Stripey Sunny Side Up by Isabell Kraemer
Left out the lace pattern, making stripes instead.
Knit One, Crochet Too Cozette (62% Silk, 30% Cotton, 8% Nylon) in Medium Blue and Seaglass. Its about 3 skeins… I think one was overweight, therefore the count is off. Computer says I only had 2 blue skeins, not 3.
Started this in June 2014 (?!?)

~Bedazzled OMG
Fibrenymph Dye Works, Pig skin party prize from last year
OMG Heel class
~April by Isabell Kraemer
US 4/3.5mm karbonz, Holst garn supersoft in carmine
Trying to get at least a repeat done a day (1.5”/repeat)
Omg the lace won’t end 0-0
~Scrappy Blanket
Using the Weekender Blanket and worsted scraps and fingeringheld double
~Witches Waffles
Violet Waffles
Witches Brew by Knitted Wit, picked it up at twisted in portland Sue also has the same??

~In Stillness by Alicia Plummer
This is for our top-down pullover class. Knoll Coast, Lambswool & Cotton, colour Nimbus, 4mm needles
The final class is next Thursday so I’m working on finishing the body and one sleeve before that
~Petty Harbour Socks
Wendy Sunbeam St. Ives sock yarn that I got from a Secret Pal swap back in 2006. It has been waiting for the right pattern, clearly. ;)
I found these socks through a quick search on Ravelry, but now I’ve seen them everywhere!
They fit my favourite sock method - cuff down, 2.25 DPNs, heel flap.
~Cowl of Many Colours
This is made with my Custom Woolen Mills leftovers. It’s a sample of what you can make from the sock kits we are going to be selling at Knit City, although I like the kit colours better!

Craft all the things
~Noodlehead pouches
~Canada Kal prize bags
~Tea Towel embroidery, made much easier now that I’ve put all my embroidery cotton on to bobbins, aunt martha patterns colonialpatterns.com

Store News
~Canada KAL
Over at the end of the month
~Purple Hats
Knit City Preview
~CWM yarns, kits, etc.
~New Amelie yarn from Illimani (Shelob, by Caitlin Ffrench), as well as Eco Llama and Llama II (bulky weight)
~Holst Coast - fingering weight lambswool/cotton blend, 350m per 50g ball
~Yarn Bowls by Madeline Coomey - very excited to have these back again! (sorry, we can’t mail these) insert photo
~Take your photo with #NotPeter

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