Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 20: Icelandic Wannabe

February 01, 2017

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 20: Icelandic Wannabe

Jan 26, 2017
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Coming to you from Vancouver, BC Canada
Wet Coast Wools
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FOs (Finished Objects)
Gamaldags by Hélène Magnússon
Steeked, Video

Know Your Wool: Icelandic
~Lopi means “unspun wool”, was originally knit without having to spin it
~Isolated sheep breed to Iceland, illegal to import other breeds. Same sheep that have been in Iceland since 930 CE. ~Without the sheep life in Iceland would have been impossible (meat, milk, wool etc).
~Double coated fleece. Outercoat (tog);glossy and water repellent ,Undercoat (thel); insulate, fine and airy. Combo makes an extremely warm but light garment.
~Minimal processing of the fleece. Large selection of natural shades.
~Istex is the only spinning mill in Iceland. Co owned by a co op of 1800 sheep farmers

~Istex Official Icelandic Wool Reference

Wearing- Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer
~More Roosters - show video clip of roosters in the window
Made 17 roosters: Cornelius (Chicken Chicken Chicken by Emily Ivey), 14 Tiny Chicken roosters (Tiny Chickens), and 2 ‘giant’ tiny chicken roosters
~Fingerless gloves for Greta
Tin Can Knits’ World’s Simplest Mitten pattern, with modifications
Made with Diamond Tradition, colour Geranium, 4mm DPNs (used about 75m)

~Sheboygan Cardigan by Katie Schumm
Using Briggs & Little Atlantic which I bought at the January Guild meeting for $10 (all proceeds from yarn sales at the meetings go to charity). 6mm needles, colourway is #19, “Seafoam”
Still damp; I may need to re-do the button band/collar because I think I picked up too many stitches. I will see once it is dry…

~Clarke Pullover by Jane Richmond
Imperial Tracie Too in Rain and Teal Shadow
~For the Love of Trees
Little Yellow Uke Yarn,Socks of Summer & Cascade Heritage
60 sts, 2.75mm needle
O Dennenboom by Renée Kies
Used the Philosophers Wool method to wrap my floats.
~Malabrigo Triangle Shawl
Sample Knit for softsweater
Malabrigo Rios in Sand Bank
~Teacup Socks
OMG Heel Socks
Knit Picks Felici in Teacup
60 sts, 2.25mm

~Turtle Purl socks. ‘Bah Humbug!’ colourway, 2.25mm DPNs (had to take them out of the red Las Vegas socks (oops!). Cuff down, vanilla sock, 68sts. One sock finished, the other is cast on.
~Weekender Blanket for charity. This appeared in Episode 1, and then got lost in the mess of WIPs. Determined to finish this asap so I can get through all the rest of the charity stash I have.
Used the weighted Random Stripe generator to create the colour pattern

~All the other socks that are currently on the needles (I didn’t bring them all). My body hurts from too much work and bulky knitting, not enough stretching/exercise. I’m going to make myself take a break and knit only on small needles, at least for the next week or so. SO, I’m not allowed to start anything new until my 6 pairs of WIP socks are done! (you can all hold me accountable!)
Working on blue socks: 2.5mm DPNs; Patons Kroy, “Cadet Colours” colourway. Finished the first one months ago…

Store News
~Had our first meeting of the Brown Bag Sock Club.
~Jane Richmond is coming on Saturday - clip with Jane for next episode
New arrivals:
~LanaKnits Hempton (Cotton/hemp/modal)
~HolstGarn order arrived - more Coast & Supersoft, and now we have Tides, a 30 Silk/70 Wool blend; it’s the replacement for Samarkand
~Katia Ombre gradient kits (6 x 85m of sport weight merino), perfect for shawls
~ We now carry Briggs & Little Super and Heritage!!!

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