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Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 29: Let the Games Begin

June 18, 2017

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 29: Let the Games Begin

June 1, 2017, 
Welcome to Old and New Viewers
Coming to you from Vancouver, BC Canada 
Wet Coast Wools

Question from Hannah aka TheCornerOfCraft, the Cor(o)ner of Craft: how do you know if a yarn has a lot of spinning oil in it?

All yarn has some spinning oil in it - they often add it to help the fibres run smoothly through the spinning machines and not get stuck in all the mechanics. There is also oil in the machines themselves, which can sometimes transfer to the yarn - its a little like sizing on fabric and new clothing. 
Many companies wash most of the oil out after it is spun. They remove this oil by washing the yarn after it is spun/before it is packaged up for sale. Other yarns don’t remove this - especially if you get the yarn on cones, and it is meant for knitting machines, weaving, or other similar purposes.You can tell if there is oil because the yarn feels a bit crispy. But most importantly, it blooms a lot when you wash it - which is why you need to wash your swatches!!

FOs (Finished Objects) 
B: Wearing- Cropped Lesley and Dr Who dress 
Stash Dash Meterage: 741 M 
~Clayoquot Toque by tincanknits 
Finished prestash dash. Gift for brian 
Diamond Merino DK in Leaf and Dark Grey, US 4 & 6 
~Slip Stitch Hat, same cast on as Clayoquot but I added a slip stitch pattern every other stitch every 3 rows. Yarn is White Birch Fibre arts DK in I want to believe and left overs of Diamond DK. 
~Anchor by Sylvia McFadden, 140 m 
Us 4 for Brim, US 6 for body. Changed decreases 
~Book People by softsweater 366m 
Sweet Georgia Cashlux Fine in Mulberry 
Went up to a US 6 
~TAAT Rainbow Socks, 253 meters 
My improved toe up afterthought heel pattern, 60 sts, 2.25 
Yarn Over New York 
Using them for an afterthought heel class I am teaching

Glenda: Wearing - Sunny Side Up by Isabel Kraemer, made with Cozette by Knit One, Crochet Too, a silk/cotton/nylon blend 
Stash Dash Meterage: 239m 
~Playoff Socks. The Sens were defeated, so the socks are done. Hat Trick Yarn from River City Yarns, Senators colourway; Opal black for heels and toes. 64 stitches, Blueberry Waffle patterns.

~Waterlily Top by Meghan Fernandes 
Illimani Llama, Changed Needle Sizes 
~Agatha Cardigan by Andi Satterlund 
Peace Fleece in Rabbit Grey. Cold war yarn <3 
~Charity Granny Square Blanket 
Stash to gift kal 
Finally onto seaming :)

~Minty Blanket v2.0 
Easy Baby Blanket with Lace Option by Denny Kelly 
It’s bigger, but technically looks exactly the same as before 
~Aileas Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer - (I didn’t show it because it has not changed since last episode!) 
Using ‘HomeGrown’, which I bought from West Coast Colour at Fibres West 
The yarn is a blend of Merino, Romney, and CVM 
~Minis Garter Blanket 
Double stranded sock yarn, 5.5mm needles. Started this at Sorrento on the weekend 
~Stripey Stretch Socks - It’s a HO! 
Regia Stretch Crazy Colour #113, 2.25mm DPNs 
~Ruby Tuesday Sweater by Ewa Durasiewicz 
2 skeins of Malabrigo Sock in Cote D’Azure. I think they’re different dyelots, so I’m hoping one will last to the ribbing on the bottom so I can switch at that point and use part of the first skein on the sleeves.

Store News 
New Yarn; Riverstone and Smith and Ewe 
Isabell Kraemer KAL Winner 
Charity KAL - thread will continue all summer, 
Purple Hats

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