Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 77: A Giant Gauge Swatch

June 12, 2019

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 77: A Giant Gauge Swatch

Episode 77 

Filmed on June 12th, 2019

Welcome to all our returning viewers, and to those who are joining us for the first time!

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Ask Us Anything 
toranatasha asked:

Any tips for learning how to read while knitting? I’ve been knitting for over a decade but I still get nervous when I have look away from my knitting for more than a few stitches.

  • Start by getting used to looking away from your knitting. Close your eyes and knit a stitch or two, and then keep trying to add to that.

  • I tend to read on my Kobo or iPad when reading & knitting, so you don’t have to hold it and you can swipe pages more easily. I cannot read subtitles while knitting. ;)

  • Stockinette Stitch is the way to start - I sometimes do ribbing or a more complicated stitch, but that makes me read more slowly.

FOs (Finished Objects)


  • Maema by Pip & Pin, knit in Flock Fibre Studio Take a Hike Sock in Robin’s Egg. Made the sleeves narrower and shortened it a smidge because I’m not very tall

  • Cinnie by Bonnie Marie Burns, knit in Cascade Ultra Pima in Syrah. Decided on the cropped version so I can wear it with dresses (all 2 times a year that I wear them…)

This goes up to a 51” bust, but I think you could make it bigger if you wanted. For more than an extra inch or so, I would widen the middle lace panel, just to balance out the look a bit more.

  • Cartography by Tin Can Knits. Knit in Euro Baby Babe 100, which is 55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic. The sample is size 1-2 years, and I machine washed and dried it. The pattern called for way more yarn than necessary - the pattern called for 375 yards of the main colour, and 225 yards of total contrast colour. I used 268 yards of the main, and 150 yards total of the two contrast colours.


  • Constant Baby Blanket in Cascade Ultra Pima - my oldest UFO and used one ball of each colour. Turquoise, Alaska Sky and Indigo (I think)

WIPS (Works in Progress)


  • Socks for Paul - Cuff down socks knit in Regia Design Line Jazz Color by Erika Knight in Mint Julep. I have now frogged about ⅔ of this one sock on 2 different occasions. This was going to be my problem yarn square, but I’ve already done that one, and because I’ve claimed a BINGO, I can’t change it now!

  • Fox Sweater, aka the GIANT swatch. This is going to be a sweater based on Revejakken 1701-05. I have to re-design this sweater, and I’m going to do so using the Elizabeth Zimmermann Percentage System, or EPS.

Who wants to do a design-a-long with me? 
We will start next episode. To join in, you need the following: 
- A copy of one of these books:

Knitting Around 
Knitting Workshop Updated Edition 
Knitting Workshop, Original Edition 
The Opinionated Knitter

  • A good-sized swatch so that you know your actual gauge. Knit it, wash it, dry it, then measure it.

  • An idea of how big your 100% number will be. This is the widest part of your sweater - base it on your bust, hip, or belly, and add some ease. This is your sweater, so you can have whatever measurement you want as the biggest part of the body. If in doubt, measure your favourite sweater and knit this one to the same size.


  • Magpie Tendency round 2! Knit with my Fingering weight yarn in Grimace and an experimental colour.

  • Soldotna Crop by Caitlin Hunter knit in my DK weight yarn in Purple Jasper, Sterling, Pink China, and Dusty Rose

  • Pebble by Sylvia McFadden knit in 100% cashmere in Dusk

Store News

Knit City Knit-A-Long

  • Knit a Sweater or Shawl to wear to Knit City (the project needs to use at least 500m)

  • To enter, you need to use yarn and/or a pattern from one of the vendors or teachers who are coming to knit city. Andrea Mowry, Tin Can Knits, Josee Paquin, Puzzle Tree Yarns, Crafty JAKs, Julie Asselin, etc. A secret: Holst Garn counts because we always bring Holst to Knit City! ;)

  • Starts June 15th, ends at 11:59pm on October 4th (right before Knit City Day 1!) We will put up a thread for conversation; the FO thread will go up in a few weeks.

Stash dash has begun, check out the Knitgirllls Ravelry Group for information on how to participate! 
Glenda’s stash dash total: 1,993m 
Kelsey’s stash dash total: 600m

Yarnageddon Update: No one has bought yarn!

WCW Knit & Crochet Bingo!

  • We have taken down the Bingo boards; if you still want to register, email us for a bingo board. You need to declare your challenges when you register.

  • Challenge started January 1st, and will run until the end of the year. Rules and notes about the game squares are all in the Chatter Thread on Ravelry.

May Bingo Winner: Could the winner please contact us to claim your prize!