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Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 85: Party On, Knitters!

October 31, 2019

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 85: Party On, Knitters!

Episode 85 - Filmed on Wednesday, October 30th

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Complete show notes are available in our Ravelry group, the Wet Coast Woolies. A shortened form of the notes are available in the YouTube drop-down menu.

Glenda - Glenda on Ravelry, glendamcdonald on instagram
Kelsey - fiddlebach and Kzipknits on Instagram and Ravelry
Wet Coast Wools - WetCoastWools on all the things

FOs (Finished Objects) - 04:13:19
Glenda: Wearing Failynn Fox Cowl, knit in Lion Brand Thick & Quick Solids in Fishermen


WIPS (Works in Progress) - 22:14:08

I’ve been working on my blanket too, but didn’t bring it in (so it will look more impressive next time!)


Sweater Segment - 38:32:01
This is a regular feature - talking about sweater construction, alterations, etc. Ask us questions and we will talk about it on the podcast.

Bongoknot asks: What advice would you offer when it comes to gift-knitting items that require special care? I’m not talking about the fiber content, but the actual shaping of the garment itself. I don’t trust anyone I know to be able to remember anything as simple as “lay flat to dry” when it comes to washing hand knits—much less to properly care for items that require blocking after each wash.

Kelsey: if I gift knit something that needs special care I tend to enclose a little container of eucalan or sample size packet with the instructions on a little card. I’m also very choosy about who I knit for and what I make for them based on how I know they operate. I typically stay away from patterns that would require a large amount of detailed blocking with each wash as gifts or in the rare circumstance that I have, I just tell them to give it back to me when it comes time to have it washed which ends up being once or twice a year at most!

Glenda: I don’t really knit things for people, except for socks and baby things… The few people I do give knitted things to are willing to care for them properly. If I’m making baby clothes or blankets, then I make sure to use fibres that are easy care, and/or which don’t need blocking. ‘Lay flat to dry’, to me at least, shouldn’t be that hard an instruction to follow - but if you think it might be, then knit them gifts in acrylic. Worst case, tell them to have the item Dry Cleaned, or to give it back to you for cleaning.

Store News - 44:23:02

WCW Knit & Crochet Bingo!
We have taken down the Bingo boards; if you still want to register, email us for a bingo board. You need to declare your challenges when you register.

All the details about our #wcwbingoalong are available in our Ravelry group, the Wet Coast Woolies.

Warm Hands Knit-In - November 30th

On Saturday, November 30th, we are holding a 12 hour Knit-In, from 9am to 9pm. Bring your yarn and come knit with us! All items will be sent the Warm Hands Network for distribution to children in Canada’s North.
Come knit with us for a few hours (or the whole day!) and help us support this wonderful organization. Full details are available here.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your items can be of use to the organization:

  • Projects must be made of yarn comprised of at least 75% wool or other animal fibres - these provide the most amount of warmth. (items do not need to be machine washable)

  • Please make bigger-kid sizes so that items can be layered for warmth! No sizes smaller than 12 months and no scarves please!

  • Please remember to label them with sizes, fibre content and care instructions.

For more details, and pattern suggestions, please visit the Warm Hands Network’s Ravelry group.

Bring 3 items for donation during the Knit In (or mail your items into us in time) and you will receive a discount code for your next purchase at the store (to be used by Christmas).

We will be sending the items to Ottawa in early December (we’re aiming to get them there by December 10th), so please have your items to us by the end of November.

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