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Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 94: The Social Distancing Edition

March 18, 2020

Wet Coast Wools Podcast Episode 94: The Social Distancing Edition

Episode 94, Filmed March 18th, 2020 via Zoom

Welcome to all our new and returning viewers! This is the first episode of our Social Distancing Editions. Glenda promises to have a better microphone for the next episode!

Visit us online at www.wetcoastwools.com! We are WetCoastWools on all the things.

Glenda is glendamcdonald on Instagram, and Glenda on Ravelry
Kelsey is fiddlebach and Kzipknits on both Instagram and Ravelry

Time Stamps:
FOs: 00:06:50:19
WIPS: 00:22:26:18
Know Your Wool: 00:45:13:21
Store News: 00:52:40:06

Finished Objects
Glenda is not wearing any knits

Kelsey is not wearing knits
- Pogona by Stephen West, knit in K-Zip Knits Fraser Fingering, colourway “Mint Chip”

Works in Progress

- Avery by Verona Knits, knit in Novita x Moomin Muumitalo in Miffle and Snufkin and Novita Nalle in Stone


Know your wool:

Norsk Pelsullgarn is spun from the fleece of the Norewigan Pellsau breed. These sheep were created in the 1960s as a cross between Gotland sheep (originally from Sweden) and grey Spelsaus, a Norewegian heritage breed. This Spaelsau breed desends from the ancient breed which was raised by the Vikings, which they carried with them as they went on raids across Northern Europe and elsewhere. There is a reconstruction of a Viking ship in Denmark which features a sail made out of Spelsau wool.

The fleece of the pelssau sheep is a longwool, meaning that the fibres have a longer staple length, and a more open crimp. The fibre is naturally grey, and has a considerable amount of lusture, or shine. In the yarn from Hillesvag, the wool is spun into a lofty yarn that makes a light, airy fabric with a good halo. It also apparently felts very well, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to do that to it! The different shades of grey can be seen in the heathering of the different colours, since they are not covered over by the yarn dyes.

Store News:

WCW Bingo-A-Long 2020

Please remember the rules for bingo:

  • You must declare your two challenges by January 31st.

  • You must create 24 unique projects, no double dipping.

  • You must have Ravelry project pages for all your projects

  • You need to be a member of the Wet Coast Woolies Group in order to qualify for a prize.

Your challenges cannot be the same as things that are already on the board, unless you plan to do two of those things. Someone is making three Christmas stockings, for example; one is for the ‘winter holiday’ item, the other 2 are for the challenge square.

You can keep moving around your FOs until you declare a completed row. Once you claim a row, those items have to stay in their assigned squares!

In Episodes 89, 90, and 91, we gave some notes on special squares. There are also a lot of questions (and answers!) in the Bingo 2020 registration thread, and the January/February Chatter Thread. Ask us if you are unsure about anything - be sure to tag us so that we don’t miss your question.

Happy Knitting Everyone. Wash your hands and Stay Safe!