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KnitPicks Yarn Swift

A yarn swift is a magic tool that helps you wind storage-friendly skeins of yarn into knitting-friendly balls of yarn!  Simply drape the skein over the umbrella-like spokes, and use the metal key to secure the swift into place.  You are then free to wrap the yarn into a ball by hand, or connect it to a yarn ball winder and wind it into a centre-pull ball.  Swifts are also very handy when you want to recycle yarn from a project you no longer want - attach the yarn end directly to the swift, and you can unravel it right onto the swift.  Tie off your ends, and you're all set to go wash and reuse the yarn!

This swift is made from light-weight wood, and stands about 24" tall.  It mounts easily to any horizontal tabletop or counter, and can be tucked away for easy storage. For extra durability, these swifts are made with metal hardware on the keys that clamp the swift to the table and secure the swift in the open position.