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Knitter's Tool Box

Yarn Ball Winder

Have you ever seen someone knitting from a centre-pull ball and wondered how they made it?  Or brought home a new skein of yarn and tried to figure out how to knit with it, without creating a great big knot?  The answer is a yarn ball winder!

Attach the yarn to the centre of this winder, and you can quickly transform any ball of yarn into a neat little centre-pull ball that sits nicely in place as you knit or crochet from it.  If winding a skein of yarn, you will want to use the winder in combination with our umbrella swift so that you don't tangle the skein as you wind it (yes, you could get your BFF/significant other/kids to hold the skein for you, but they aren't always available!).

The KnitPicks ball winder can be mounted to a table for ease of use.

Instructions are included with the yarn ball winder.

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