Tomten Jacket Pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann

The Tomten Jacket is classic EZ design, almost as popular as her Baby Surprise Jacket.  This booklet includes expanded instructions on how to knit this jacket in sizes ranging from baby to adult, each in three different gauges.  Neck options include a collar, a shaped cardigan neck, or the ever-popular pointy hood.  The booklet also contains instructions for garter-stitch grafting, knitting up stitches, EZ's Phoney Seam, three different choices for I-Cord buttonholes, After-Thought Pockets, sewn casting-off, One-Row buttonholes and three ways of uniting the underarm seam.

Glenda has knit 5 of these jackets already, including a miniature version that became a lab coat for a knitted elephant doctor!

(This pattern is also available in Elizabeth Zimmermann's book Knitting Without Tears, but in a less comprehensive version).