Discount Corner

Aero Circular Needles 80 cm / 31" long

Aero circulars have flexible plastic cables with aluminium or plastic needle tips (sizes larger than 5.5 mm are plastic).  The joins are nice and smooth and the tips have just enough grip to make them work well with a range of yarn types.  80cm/31" circulars are great for adult-sized sweaters that are knit in the round.  When used for flat knitting, they are the needle of choice when making blankets, shawls, and other large projects.

When selecting circular needles, please remember that the length of your needle should be shorter than the diameter of the circular item that you want to knit - otherwise you risk stretching out your knitting!  This measurement is less critical if knitting a flat item, provided all your stitches will be able to fit on the needle without squishing off the ends!

Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges on knitting needles except in the case of a faulty or damaged item.