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Strand, the Workshop: Learn to combine yarns to create custom knits with Megan Nodecker

Strand, by local designer Megan Nodecker, is a collection of chunky, cozy knits that are created by combining multiple strands of thinner yarns.  The combinations of colour and texture are endless, so each project creates a one-of-a-kind piece. When knitting these designs, the focus is more on creating interesting fabrics than achieving an exact gauge – which leaves lots of room for experimentation!

Join us on Saturday. March 2nd, for a workshop that is all about playing with yarn. Megan will explain her method of mixing and matching yarns and give tips on using colour and texture to your advantage. Participants will receive a button cowl pattern, as well as take-home notes for experimenting on your own.

After an introduction to the method, participants will get hands-on with different yarn combinations and needle sizes. Bring a selection of yarns from your stash and see what you can create! You will also require a selection of needles, in sizes 8mm a and larger. We will have a few sets of needles available to play with (15 mm to 25mm), and you can also purchase some during the class.

Maximum 8 students.

Cost: $60 plus taxes and materials (see below). You will receive a cowl pattern as part of the workshop.

Dates & Time: Saturday, March 2nd, 1pm to 4pm

Materials required:

This class is ideal for making the most of your existing yarn stash. Please bring a selection of yarns which you think might work well together. Consider yarns of different thicknesses and textures, such as super bulky yarns, mohair yarns, smooth yarns, rustic textures, etc. This is your chance to experiment, so don’t worry too much about the final product.  We will provide a selection of yarns as well, but you will want to provide at least a few base yarns of your own.

Knitting needles in sizes from 8mm (US 11) and up – they can be straight or circular.  The more strands you have, the larger the needles you will need, so bring several options. We will have a few larger sets available to use at the workshop, but you will need at least one or two sets of your own.

Stitch markers, darning needle, measuring tape, and other standard knitting tools are also recommended.


Registration Policies:

  • Registration and payment of fees must be completed two days prior to the start date in order to secure a seat.
  • Payment can be made online, or in store.
  • A minimum number of students is required for each class.  We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the class if the minimum is not met.
  • Cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to the start of the class; your original receipt is required in order to receive a full refund.
  • Please purchase all materials in advance of the first class unless otherwise noted.

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