Meet our Instructors!

At Wet Coast Wools we are proud to offer a wide range of classes in knitting, crochet, and needle felting.  These classes would not be possible without our team of talented instructors!

Roxanne Villemaire


Originally from Ottawa, this French-Canadian girl moved to Vancouver in search of finding her true passions.  On a visit home, Roxanne's mother taught her beginner knitting skills.  This was enough for her to catch the knitting "bug", and she hasn't been able to put her knitting needles down since.  On a sunny day, you may catch her out with friends snapping pictures of her knitting projects in nearby parks.

Roxanne's inspirations are soft wools and textiles, torn magazine clippings and bold colors.  She aspires to create tangible patterns for the average knitter.  Roxanne teaches knitting classes and workshops, and also works in the store.

To learn more about Roxanne, check out her blog!  Filled with knitting tips, recipes and lots of funny stories!  You can also view her work and patterns on Ravelry (MissCraftIt) and Etsy. (



Pearl Chow

Pearl Chow is a talented artist with experience in all kinds of fibre related crafts.  You may recognize her from her ten years of working and teaching at Birkeland Bros. Wool Ltd.  Pearl has recently launched her own business, Pearlknits, which produces video tutorials for her original knitting and needle felting designs.  Pearl also conducts workshops at various locations throughout Vancouver.  You can read more about her latest adventures at



Astor Tsang

Many years ago, Astor aka knittingAstor went to the dark side and learned to crochet.  Not only did she learn how to learn again (making her a better teacher), but she realized that she loves crochet as much as knitting.  Astor has been teaching Knitting and Crochet for over ten years in Vancouver, BC.  She has become known as THE teacher for Beginners with her unique style of teaching - as she can truly understand how Beginners think and learn.  Astor is also an accomplished published pattern designer and author.  You can learn more about Astor on her website

Making knitting crochet possible!


twitter: @knittingAstor