Kauni Effectgarn

Kauni Effectgarn is famous for its long colour repeats. The wool is very rustic, but softens considerably after a soak in Eucalan or even hair conditioner.

Each ball weighs between 130g and 170g, which means that yardage will vary between skeins. We have adjusted the price of each ball to match the weight/yardage.

Composition: 100% Wool

Gauge: 23 stitches/4"

Recommended Needle Size: 3 - 4 mm / US 3 - 6

Weight: Sport

Size: Each ball of yarn ranges between 130g and 170g. 

170g balls have approximately 680m / 743 yards

160g balls have approximately 640m / 699 yards

150g balls have approximately 600m / 656 yards

140g balls have approximately 560m / 612 yards

130g balls have approximately 520m / 568 yards


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