Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann

First published in 1971, this book has never been out of print.  In the early chapters, Elizabeth discusses the basic tools and techniques of knitting, and offers handy tips and instructions on techniques such as kitchener stitch, picking up stitches, and after-thought button holes.

In later chapters, she provides patterns for her favourite kind of garment - knit in the round or in garter stitch (no purling required!) and as seamless as possible.  Designs include a seamless, bottom-up sweater with four varieties of yoke design, a patterned ski-sweater, the famous tomten jacket (in both child and adult sizes), as well as socks, slippers, and hats.

Like all of Elizabeth's books, Knitting Without Tears is written in an engaging, conversational style, and contains a wealth of details and information that are valuable to both beginner and experienced knitters.