Metlon Retroglo Yarn - 30 yards

RetroGlo yarn is a thin tape covered in tiny glass beads.  When light shines on the tape - from a car's headlights for example, the light bounces back toward the light source, making the tape - and the person wearing it - immediately visible.  We are excited to offer a two-sided version of RetroGlo that perfectly lends itself to knitting.  Just hold one strand of RetroGlo alongside a strand of your favourite yarn and knit or crochet as usual, making sure that both yarns wrap around the needle or crochet hook on each stitch.  For best results, items made with this yarn should be hand washed in cool water.

The possibilities are endless with this yarn - knit it into a hat or headband, and make your favourite cyclist just a little bit safer on their morning commute.  Put a few stripes into a knitted dog sweater, and make your best friend more visible on his evening stroll.  For ease of use, we have pre-packaged this yarn into 30 yard lengths.  Please contact us if you would like to order a larger quantity.


Composition: Polyester film laminated with reflective glass beads.

Gauge: N/A

Recommended Needle Size: Choose needle size according to the yarn with which you knit the RetroGlo.

Weight: N/A

Size: 30 yards per bobbin, except by special request. The strand of RetroGlo yarn is 1.105 mm (1/23") wide.

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