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Sølje pelsullgarn is spun from the silvery grey wool of the Norwegian pelt sheep. The pelt sheep was developed in 1968, from a cross-breed between Gotland sheep and pigmented Spael sheep. The natural grey colour of this wool has traditionally not been as attractive as the white wool of other breeds, and Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk is the only spinning mill in Norway that spins yarn from this silky and curly wool. The wool consists of both light and dark grey fibres that gives the yarn a nice depth and brings the colours to life when dyed.

It is deal for delicate garments like shawls, sweaters, and cardigans, in both stranded work and structured knitting. Garments feel light and warm; with wear, the yarn will develop a lovely halo and shine that resembles mohair yarns.

Sølje a 2-ply woolen spun yarn with a delicate twist. Please note that 2-ply only denotes the number of plies in the yarn, not the thickness. Sølje is also suitable for weaving.

If you are doing a colourwork project and require an off-white or light grey contrast, Solje can be used with Vilje, which is spun from Norwegian lambswool.

Composition: 100% Norwegian Pelt Wool

Gauge: 25-28 stitches/4"

Recommended Needle Size: 3 mm / US 2.5

Weight: Fingering

Size: 100g/350m

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